Formaggi Piras, greviera di ozieri

Raw cow’s milk cheese, semi-mature.
Ingredients: cow’s milk, calf rennet and salt.
Forms from about 2,500 kg, maturing beyond 120 days. To be kept at a 12°/15°.
The milk came from extensive husbandry of Logudoro. The Greviera is semi-matured cheese, known for intense aromas and characteristics holes. Imported in the mid-1800 from Switzerland, along with the cattle Bruno-Alpina breed, production was favored with the arrival of the cheesemakers of Veneto masters who taught of Gruyere production techniques. Its production very consistent until the ’50s, it was almost lost, and after considerable effort, recovered from oblivion, it’s become part of the regional list of typical products and the publication in the Slow Food Cheese of Italy. The Greviera is registered in ARS ALIMENTARIA the website of the Ministry of Health that certified identity, quality and food safety.
Excellent as an appetizer or to complete a healthy, balanced diet, it goes perfectly with the Spianata of Ozieri (typical bread) and a Vermentino wine.