Saludu di Ozieri Pecorino cheesePecorino cheese with vegetable rennet and lactose free. Halal certification and AVI/EVU certification.
Ingredients: Sheep’s milk, vegetable rennet (Cynara cardunculus and Rhizomucor miehei), ferments and salt.
Round and smooth shape about 4,5 kg, aged for more than 90 days. To be kept at a 12°/15°.
The SALUDU OF OZIERI owns the authorization issued by the Ministry of Health in order to affix the label marked “LACTOSE FREE” or “0% LACTOSE”.
The Saludu of Ozieri is a pecorino cheese produced from only the milk of Sardinian breed sheep, that eat natural and spontaneous pasture of the Sardinian maquis. It is produced with exclusive formula.
The lack of lipase animals makes the taste less aggressive and more digestible. The lack of lactose makes it ideal for intolerant consumers.
The production technology respect the AVI/EVU DISCIPLINARY and HALAL DISCIPLINARY, using the certified and licensed brands.