We are a Sardinian craftmade company operating in the dairy sector since 2006. The young age of the company is our strong point because it is synonymous with dynamism and evolution.
We purchase milk from selected companies, especially attentive to the Animal Welfare and genuine nutrition, characterized by natural and spontaneous pasture. We produce fresh and aged cheeses; cow’s cheese, sheep’s cheese and mixed cheese; traditional and innovative cheese.
The semi-cured / cured cheeses are made from raw milk, so that the positive natural microflora of the milk is kept unchanged with specific effects on the organoleptic characteristics of the cheese.
Our pecorino-cheese, curdled with vegetable rennet, have the Halal certification and AVI / EVU certification. The choice of vegetable rennet was taken bearing in mind all those who who for ethical choices, for religion or nutritional choices renounce to consume cheese coagulated with animal rennet. Secondary the vegetable rennet gives it a fresh taste and brings benefits to cheese: it limits the biosynthesis of cholesterol, reduces the percentage of fat in cheese and makes it more digestible and, since it is a source of flavonoids with antioxidant action, fights free radicals.
Our corporate objectives for the future are the creation of news and originals cheeses and obtain the BIO certification.