Greviera di OzieriGreviera di Ozieri
The Ozieri’s Greviera is a of cow’s milk cheese herds of grazing Logudoro, semi-mature and / or seasoned the typical taste, intense fragrance and features holes. More info

Chent’annos is a pecorino cheese, semi-hard, coagulated with vegetable rennet extracted from wild thistle (Cynara cardunculus). The vegetable rennet adds quality ‘organoleptic and natural as well as health benefits. More info

saluduSaludu di Ozieri
“Occhiato” Pecorino cheese with vegetable rennet and high digestibility produced from sheep’s milk in the wild vegetation of Sardinia.. More info

L’ Ambos cheese is a mixture of cow’s milk and sheep’s milk, fresh and soft, delicate and sweet flavor, pale yellow in color. A very popular product in the past, today plays .. More info

Crema di formaggioPecorino Cheese Cream
Cheese spreads with intense taste, a true pecorino Cheese Cream. Obtained with a biological procedure, with no added preservatives and polyphosphates .. More information

We proposes the ancient recipe of yogurt from sheep’s milk (Gioddu) in whole clot or creamy. The product is made from pasteurized sheep’s milk .. More info

Fresh ricotta, sweet and delicate, is the refined product obtained from whey. The salted ricotta (mustia) is nothing but the dry salted ricotta. More info